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Get Your Own Mini List For Your Website or Blog

You can use the code below to put a mini proxy list widget on your own website or blog, it's completely free and is updated automatically. Click on the code, copy it (Ctrl+C or right click & 'copy') and then paste (Ctrl+V or right click & 'paste') the code into your website page or blog post. Save & upload to your site and when you refresh the page it'll be displayed there.

The widget looks like this:


If you prefer we also do one in Black, to match darker themed websites and blogs:


Custom colors can be made available on request, contact us for details.


We have an RSS feed that you can use as well. It's also free and you can use it for your blog or Twitter post or anywhere else you see fit, just copy the code below, where you need it:


Why would you want to put our mini proxy list widget on you website or blog? Because it will give your visitors an easy to find source of fresh new proxies and it'll give them a good reason to keep coming back as well. It's completely free to use and we don't ask for anything in return. We don't track the links or clicks from it either, we've made it safe and easy for you.



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