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A Little Bit About Us, What We Do And Why

What do we do? We list proxy sites of course, just like the name says :)

Why? Why not! We list web proxies so that people that need them can unblock censored and blocked websites wherever they are. Web censorship is against the freedoms that most people have come to expect nowadays, web proxies can uncensor those blocked sites to allow that freedom. They can also help with anonymity, by using proxy sites you can disguise who and where you are, and also access content that is restricted in certain countries. When you use a proxy site you appear to be in the country that hosts the proxy, our listings include country flags of the host country so you can choose where you want to appear to be from.

Why are some sites blocked? Some institutions, employers, and even some governments block websites they don't want you to see, or 'waste your time' visiting, especially during work or school time. There's not much we can do about that, their motives or intentions, however good they believe them to be, except provide you with the means to get around those blocks and censors, so we do.

How do they work? Web proxy sites work by fetching and displaying the content of the websites you want to view, like through a tunnel to that site. Proxy means 'on behalf of' and web proxies fetch the content on your behalf. You don't view the sites directly, the proxy does, that's how they get around the filters and blockers. There's nothing to install, you just use them in your normal web browser, so they will usually work on any computer or operating system and anywhere with an internet connection and browser.

Why use us? Because we list them for free. We get proxy sites submitted by proxy owners and webmasters that want to provide that service to you, the user, because they also believe in no censorship and the freedom to view what you want, when you want. They are supported by advertising and sponsorship (like us) so are free for you to use too. Web proxies will unblock most of the popular sites like social networks, video sites and email providers so you can carry on with your normal browsing, unhindered by web censors and content blockers.

The Listings. You can select the most appropriate proxy for your needs from our categorised listing pages. There's new proxies, for the latest fresh new proxy sites listed. There's top proxies for the most popular proxy sites. And there's script type listings if you want a particular type of proxy. The main home page shows a random selection of 30 proxies from our database that changes with every page load. This is to make sure that every proxy gets a fair showing to everyone, and the proxy owners and webmasters have a steady stream of visitors regardless of when they submitted their proxy. They are checked regularly as well so any that don't work are removed from the list. Lost? Check our sitemap page for directions.

Proxy Owners And Webmasters

Please feel free to submit your web proxy sites to us, we have a constant steam of visitors hungry for more fresh new proxies just waiting to visit your proxy site. We do have some requirements of course, this is to maintain a quality proxy list and we do place restrictions on some submissions to try and prevent spammers from submitting garbage (it's nothing personal, we just hate spam), but if you do have problems we have a contact page where you can get in touch and we will look into any issues you may have.


While we do try to give you the best that web proxy sites can offer, we have no control over the availability or function of the proxy sites listed here, try another if one doesn't work for you. Some proxy script types work better than others for particular sites, so we list by proxy type too, but a few websites might not work very well or at all through a proxy, this is beyond our control. If you have difficulty viewing certain sites then a web proxy might not be suitable, they do have their limits. If that is the case then you should consider a VPN (Virtual Private Network, google it), they work differently and may be more appropriate for some users. They do require installing to your computer though, or configuring in your network connections, and can cost monthly fees, although there are some free ones available if you search.

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